Black Magic: The Power of Activated Charcoal

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is not what’s used for grilling. It's a medical grade version of what’s used in air and water filtration systems. It's also administered in hospitals as emergency treatment for poisoning; as chemicals bind to it, it can help remove them from the body. 

Activated charcoal is created by heating regular charcoal at extremely high temperatures, which causes it to expand and form a porous texture. This gives activated charcoal a larger surface - one cubic inch of charcoal has the surface area equivalent to a 150,000 square-foot field - which makes it very absorbent. It acts like a magnet and chemically binds to toxins. 

Deep cleanses and tightens pores

Throughout the day, toxins from the world around us clog our pores. When your pores aren’t clear, neither is your complexion. Activated charcoal, when used in a face mask, binds to and helps pull the dirt out of your pores, making them less visible (it’s the oil and dirt that makes them appear bigger). This leaves your face feeling fresh. BLACKMUCK also works as a light exfoliator, which helps get the dead skin off and experience an even deeper clean.

Manage oily and combination skin

Oily skin? Activated charcoal may be just the ingredient you need to balance things out. It can pull the unwanted excess oils from your skin, leaving it smooth. You’ll want to use BLACKMUCK once or twice per week at the most, so that you don’t over-dry your skin. 

Treat and prevents breakouts

Depending on the specifics of your acne, how severe it is, what’s causing it and what else is going on, activated charcoal may be able to help. It will absorb oils and toxins on and below the skin. You can use it as a spot treatment if you don’t want to use it on your whole face, just think of it as a mini mask for your blemish.


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